After searching over thousand sites in internet, I found great site to do my first business. It's Selling... just like everybody told me to if I wanna be rich from internet...

This site offer quite simple system in business. We sell their product, and they give us commision. Not like other website that we have to pay membership fee, Paydotcom is totally free. All we have to do is just choose the product to sell, then if people out there buy the product through our link, they give us money more than 30 % (depend on the product we sell) of the price...

I am now begin with this stuff and still learn.
Promoting the product, of course need knowledge of marketing strategy..
People said :
1. "By Google adword, bro..!"
2. "Link in your blog..!!"
3. "Forum related with the product, dear..!!"
4. "So many free classified ads site in this universe, my friend..!!"
5. "Be profesional, cmon.. build your online shop website...sir..!"
and so many other sugestions..
what will I choose to do ?... which one the best to do?
any one could tell me ?

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